The key success factors for your project are

Communication and quick access to your information

Triphased has developed an innovative web platform in the field of document management for engineering and construction. According to its users, this is THE easiest way to classify and find blueprints and documents for any type of project.

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document manager project construction engineering

Optimize each phase of your project

Information, blueprints and documents are collected, structured and easy to access.

The waste of time looking for documents or getting the right revisions in hand is generally unquantified, yet significant. We believe that to be effective, engineering, construction and maintenance teams need access to information instantly.

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document manager project construction engineering

Covers all your needs during engineering and construction phase


The information is automatically classified according to your structure by our algorithm.


The platform stands out simply for its simple, fast and innovative research.


Cloud storage gives you secure access to your documents no matter where you are.


An intuitive plateform requiring no training.

Master your document management. The structure of Edman allows its implementation in a few hours. Our team will assist you throughout your integration.

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The many teams using Edman testify the benefits of its use including the optimization that the platform brings to their daily operations.

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